Connection Protection!

WiFi-K9 is a free and easy to use app that encrypts your wifi data and hides your location.

Safeguard yourself from internet hackers and trackers. Download our app today.

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Easy to use

Easy to Use

WiFi-K9 starts automatically when you connect to wifi. Don't be unprotected because you forgot to launch an app.

Better Protection

Better Protection

WiFi-K9 uses fast, certificate-based encryption. Stolen or intercepted data is completely unreadable.

No Logs

No Logs

WiFi-K9 does not track where you go, or what you do, on the internet. That’s your business - not ours.

Public Hotspot Dangers

Few realize it, but using a public hotspot can expose your personal data to hackers and identity thieves. Do you trust everyone sharing that public hotspot? Do you want your favorite coffee shop or restaurant tracking what you do on the internet?

Fortunately, protecting yourself is easy and free. The WiFi-K9 app uses certificate-based encryption and our secure cloud-based servers to protect your data and hide your internet usage.

WiFi-K9 Inc. is a Delaware Public Benefits Corporation committed to expanding free and safe wifi usage. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

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